First, it starts with a conversation. Who are you? What are your dreams and goals? What is stopping you from moving forward? What is it, at your core, that you need to believe in order to step into your highest self?

Then the body-centric session begins. First pathways are activated that create a deep sense of wellbeing, a deep breath from within, that resets and reboots your body. Kind of like turning off and on your iPhone or laptop - letting it catch up to all the input and changes and demands placed upon it. Physical structures are then checked and aligned for optimal posture and function. Trapped or ‘stuck’ emotions in the tissues are released through physical and metaphysical methods, the combination of which leads to quick and lasting results. 

When the energy of negative emotions are released, it leaves a space for anchoring in positive emotions, your dreams and true desires for living your best life. You will visualize and/or repeat these power statements while in this state of wellbeing, in a state that is ready to take in all this wonderful; new information. 

You will be given specific exercises to continue optimizing your new way of being and a follow-up report will be emailed to you that you can refer to at any time. 


The end result?


Not the ‘I can’t take this anymore’ you, but rather the ‘I believe it IS possible’ you. 

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